The Voice Club Method-sing better FASTER!

The ONLY vocal training method 100% Scientifically PROVEN

to UNLEASH your vocal potential and put YOU back in charge

30 Day REstart Your Vocal Engine Workout for singers to get back in shape FAST!


Nail Those LOW Notes like a Pro!

Nail Those LOW Notes like a Pro!

Think you can’t sing low notes without them falling apart underneath you? Think again! Follow this exercise to see for yourself what your body needs to build this important singing skill!

Tame That Vibrato!

Tame That Vibrato!

You can control that wobbly vibrato. You can make it as contemporary as you want to I'm going to show you why your vibrato has gotten a mind of its own, give you some quick tips to gain control of it right now, how to make it happen in a song and give you a peek at...

Weak Voice? Try THIS!

Weak Voice? Try THIS!

Do you ever find your voice just is, uh, wimpy, a little weak?
Well, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Try these two vocal exercises to see how much stronger your voice can sound right now!


I'm singing whatever I want! Review of The Voice Club
I love you! No more STRAIN! Review of The Voice Club
I feel liberated -inspired! Review of The Voice Club
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