It's not Pop training.  Not Broadway Belt.  Not SLS.

And you WON'T find it ANYwhere else.

We teach The Voice Club Method

...a unique, revolutionary, proven system for maximizing vocal performance and health that gives singers the power to 'sing better FASTER'. (and know exactly HOW they did it)

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The Command Sisters 

With chops and confidence that belie their years, the Command Sisters are ones to watch.                                                                                                                          -GUITAR WORLD

" We cannot tell you enough how The Voice Club Method changed our sound and the way we sang.

We have such better control, technique and power, and still use the vocal and performing techniques we learned in every gig.

​Kim really has been instrumental in helping us find our voices and has given us the confidence and ability to stand in front of an audience and just OWN it.

​When people compliment our singing, we say, 'You can thank our amazing vocal coach!'"

Elijah T.Professional Improv Actor, Live Rock Band Lead Vocalist, Worship Leader
Brianna L.Recording Artist, Live performer

The Voice Club Method got me to the level to be accepted into the Los Angeles Music Academy. They set a foundation of solid technique and style that have propelled me into a successful performance and recording career. Out of everyone that I have worked with The Voice Club is the only place I recommend.

Joelle B.

I was listening to a song and HEARD what you said I would! It was sooooo cool! It was so exciting!

I’m so thankful that you are encouraging me to not only DO it but LISTEN for it in other singers. I love learning WHY.

I’m so glad you teach the WHY!

The Voice Club has quickly made a difference in how I sing.

They teach the WHY’s and HOW’s.

They give singers actual tools and show them how to use them.

If you’re a singer at any level, I highly recommend learning The Voice Club Method!

Laura R.
Kirk S.

Unbelievably inspiring.

I've worked with a lot of other vocal coaches but I've never looked forward to it like I do at The Voice Club.

You make my goals so achievable. Thank you!

Don't you wanna know how much your voice can do?

Forget memorizing scales. 

Get complete BRAIN training & discover the thrill of knowing what's really going on.

Find out what's been fighting your growth.  And get the tools to obliterate it.

Master your voice, style like a pro and stop being your own worst critic.

It's time.