We bust the MYTHS that keep you

from ‘Singing Better FASTER’.

There’s a REASON singers still have so many questions.

It’s simply not in the best interest of teachers, scholars or singing program developers to even look into the answers for the biggest questions you have.

In fact, the wide majority of THEM couldn’t answer your questions if you asked.

Welcome to The Voice Club!

–  Kim Snyder, creator of The Voice Club Method

I know because I spent over two decades as a professional singer with the connections and the money to ask.

That’s why I created The Voice Club: a place for you to uncover the jaw dropping truths I discovered the hard way PLUS the life-changing vocal education I got after doctors permanently ended my voice….TWICE.

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How can a guy sing 3+ octaves?

How can a guy sing 3+ octaves?

IN THIS VOCAL QUICK WIN VIDEO It IS possible for guys to access those high notes you thought were gone after puberty I'll show you the only 2 ways that have ever been proven to do it And after the video, read below to continue the training You're not the only one who...

Should I Quit Singing? Pro singing tips you need to know WHEN (not if) your confidence tanks

Should I Quit Singing? Pro singing tips you need to know WHEN (not if) your confidence tanks

Should I quit trying to be a singer? Professionals singing tips no one tells you for when your confidence is tanking
Lacking confidence when you sing? Frustrated about finding places to sing? You’re not alone. Here are some professional singer singing tips for what to do when you start to think you’re just not good enough to be a singer but you still want to sing. And see what America’s Got Talent rejects like Lindsey Stirling did when everyone said to quit for good

Why do I have vocal strain?

Why do I have vocal strain?

Vocal Strain: Is my voice damaged? Learn the symptoms, signs and action you should take right now.
Did you know most of the ‘solutions’ for vocal strain on the web can do more harm than good? Learn from a certified vocal coach who’s got the truth straight from the top singers vocal surgeon in the US.


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I'm not sure I really am a singer

Why are the singers in my family better than me?

I've taken lessons but I don't know if they even helped

I sing alot. So why do I still have issues?

I think I've hurt my voice

I want to feel confident singing in church

free workshop for worship teams churchesJaws literally drop when we walk worship teams through everything they’ve never heard about their voices and just how easy it is to understand and excel as a team by ignoring everything you’ve heard and doing these things instead. That’s why we provide our Vocal Bootcamp Workshop for churches FREE OF CHARGE.
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