We bust the MYTHS that keep you from ‘Singing Better FASTER’.

And we’re the ONLY place you’ll hear what’s really behind all those different singing techniques, approaches and tips.

The Voice Club is dedicated to sparing you from learning the ‘hard way’ and wasting your time, money and vocal potential.




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I'm not sure I really am a singer

Why are the singers in my family better than me?

I've taken lessons but I don't know if they even helped

I sing alot. So why do I still have issues?

I think I've hurt my voice

I want to feel confident singing in church

free workshop for worship teams churchesJaws literally drop when we walk worship teams through everything they’ve never heard about their voices and just how easy it is to understand and excel as a team by ignoring everything you’ve heard and doing these things instead. That’s why we provide our Vocal Bootcamp Workshop for churches FREE OF CHARGE.

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