real life tools for worship singers

 Did you know?

Worship singers are now as likely to have

vocal damage  as pop stars?!


…because between multiple services, rehearsals & special events, many of us now endure more vocal wear & tear in a given week than most gigging singers!



It should be.

Because almost none of us (including a large percentage of vocal instructors) have been adequately trained to know how to handle that amount of vocal use without damaging our voices.



Unfortunately, the bulk of popular singing advice, though mostly very well meaning, is either ineffective or just plain…wrong. 

How do you know if you’ve stumbled ineffective advice? 

Remember all of those vocal workshops you’ve attended?

  • Were you more confused afterwards? 
  • Did you do what was asked but never really see obvious results? 
  • Did you end up feeling like the problem is probably just you? 
  • Did you excitedly pass on part of what you learned only to not even be able to easily explain it let alone prove it works?

Mmm hmm. 

But there is good news.


There is a way that any singer at any level can easily learn to prevent damage, control vibrato, gain strength & range, and start proving it by Sunday.

Most of us just didn’t know it existed.

Because…it didn’t.


That’s why we built it.


My personal passion is equipping singers in the church so that we can be freed to authentically worship without the biggest distraction to vocal worship: worrying about our voice.

The vocal misinformation that has been flooding churches does much more than keeping us from singing better:

  • it costs our most involved singers in vocal damage
  • it costs our biggest volunteers in needless fatigue and increasing insecurity
  • & it costs us thousands of potential worship volunteers every year

Throughout my years as a worship leader, vocal team instructor and vocal repair and high level vocal coach, I see no more urgent need for our Vocal Bootcamp workshop than in the church.

I’ve been able to see beautiful singers who’d given up return to worship, incredible voices that didn’t know what they even had find the courage to volunteer for the first time, and soooo many discouraged leaders and high-use volunteers rediscover their passion for worshipping with their voices.

That’s why I offer my 2hr. super high energy Vocal Bootcamp workshop free of cost (travel not included).



**The Voice Club’s Vocal Bootcamp is a FREE WORKSHOP for all Seattle area churches (& anywhere else for the cost of travel)

In this fast paced, information loaded game-show environment, your singers will learn
  • How to tell vocal tips from myths
  • and the truth about their voice that almost no one knows.
  • We’ll unlock WHY your voice won’t do that thing you want it to 
  • and teach singers (and even non-singers) how to hear what’s going wrong in their voices & start fixing it right away!.
Next, we’ll rotate volunteers and give the crowd a chance to see how much they know about what to listen for in voices and how to assess their own.  Brave volunteers get bonus quick tips to start addressing their biggest pet peeves.
Live Vocal Bootcamp is a great bonding time for worship leaders and teams.  None of us are perfect.  But we can learn how to encourage and challenge each other to grow faster once we know where to start.
*Requirements for In Person Workshop: 2 mics with boom stands, keyboard, sound board/speaker for keyboard and mics, screen for video slides (mac adapted to VGA), pens/pencils, seating for more than you expect.
**We charge nothing for the bootcamp no matter how long it runs.  I will stay and answer questions until I’m booted out.  And due to many requests we also offer on optional chunk of time before the workshop that individual singers can have a private vocal mini-session with me at $30 (1/3 of our standard rate).  Sometimes the church will cover the cost of these, or the individuals will.  Either way it’s just another option you’re free to take advantage of if you choose.
We do not do live bootcamp as a tool to sell anything. The resources that we’ve created have come out of the need for certain types of training at a deeper level.  Therefore, we will mention resources we have so that singers and worship leaders have options for others who may ask.
If you’d like to schedule a free Vocal Bootcamp in the Seattle area (75miles), just get in touch and we’ll put it together.

Looking for a full conference?  Want to see what else can teach your singers?

What we do is DIFFERENT   ….REALLY different.

 How bout some free bonus training so you can start getting better right now?

Who’s behind The Voice Club?

Kim Snyder

Creator of The Voice Club Method

Professional voice talent, live & studio singer, certified vocal instructor and vocal repair specialist

The experiences that drove a singer crazy enough to completely rewrite the book on how to ‘sing better, faster’ (The Voice Club Method)


  • Professional Studio Vocalist 62% 62%
  • Professional live vocalist 42% 42%
  • Pro lead vocalist for bands 48% 48%
  • Traveling with a family music group 25% 25%
  • Label Indie artist/songwriter 6% 6%


  • Professional Commercial Voice Talent 59% 59%
  • Radio Personality 27% 27%


  • Certified Vocal Coach 31% 31%
  • Certified Vocal Repair Specialist 27% 27%


  • Commercial Audio Producer 19% 19%
  • Music Producer 11% 11%


  • Team Worship Singer 67% 67%
  • Worship Leader 17% 17%
  • Interim Worship Leader 11% 11%


  • Classically trained 19% 19%
  • Rock/Pop Training 13% 13%
  • Sls certified 6% 6%
  • Voice Club Method Certified 23% 23%


  • Festival/major event EmmCee 31% 31%
  • Workshop & Conference Speaker 5% 5% I feel like we're already friends. Wanna start a conversation?

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**We provide FREE vocal bootcamp workshops to any church, at your place or LIVE ONLINE

(Travel expenses not included – none if within 60 miles of Seattle, WA)

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