Free Worship Team Training





Find out WHY:

  • your voice doesn’t do what it wants
  • you keep getting stuck in your growth
  • ‘singing tips’ you trust are just myths



(…and…have more fun than you probably think you should in church)

What’s Gonna Happen

Each Live Vocal Bootcamp Includes:

  • 2 hours of fast-paced, jaw-dropping vocal training including:
  • The truth no one teaches about why your voice is stuck
  • What’s really at the root of singing better or getting over that plateau
  • I’ll show yo HOW to assess where your own voice is at right now AND what needs to happen next.
  • Then we put it into ACTION with live, on-the-spot vocal assessments: let others test their assessment skills and I’ll tell you if they’re right…and give you a special personal quick tip for volunteers to do right away.


THE VOICE CLUB’s Vocal Bootcamp is different from anything you’ve seen. It’s FUN It’s INTERACTIVE And after we cram a year of high level vocal education into 2 hours, we do what no one else does… If you have the time, We will stay until every question is answered, every singer is motivated & no one wants to be a wall-flower again. (or until the building manager kicks us out…which has happened.)


I‘m just a singing worshipper too. 

I just happen to have had the worlds most unique vocal education. 

I do Vocal Bootcamps free for singing worshippers (choirs & teams) because of

  • my love for worship
  • the people who serve
  • & the calling that resulted after I survived end stage septic shock only to have my voice medically destroyed twice   

I’ve spent my life as a professional singer, voice talent, performer and audio producer for places like the K-LOVE/Air1 Radio Networks, a place where people really live out worship every day. (love those people)

Kim Snyder

Creator of The Voice Club Method

I’ve been blessed to have opportunities most singers don’t (but could do just as well) like opening for major label artists like Sonic Flood and Superchick and even doing the label thing myself.

I’ve also been a worshiping singer my whole life: a team member, a worship arts leader and a worship leader.

But I also know what it’s like to feel like my voice is never good enough

…and I’ve seen that lie, & lack of solid, reliable information keep so many singers from the blessing of watching God work through our musical worship.

I want to help change that.

How Do I Get a Free vocal bootcamp for My Church?

The Voice Club is based near Seattle.

There is absolutely NO COST for live vocal bootcamps for churches.

There is no cost for travel if you’re within reasonable driving distance.

All that we ask is that you gather 50+ people so we can be more efficient. 

Small church?  Call your sister churches.  Invite your neighbor churches. 

We’ve had some great bootcamps this way & it’s a great way to meet other talented people.

If your church is further out, you make the travel arrangements and overnight accomidations, if any. A love offering is appreciated but never required.





Here’s how to get the ball rolling:

  • If you’re not a worship leader, pass this page along to yours.
  • Worship pastors: fill out the the short form at the bottom. 
  • Please include potential dates and any questions along with the best time to give you a call.
  • I’ll get in touch.

   That’s it!


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