real life tools for worship singers

 Did you know?

Worship singers are now as likely to have

vocal damage  as pop stars?!

Worship singers & vocal damage


…because between multiple services, rehearsals & special events, many of us now endure more vocal wear & tear in a given week than most gigging singers!

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It should be.

Because almost none of us (including a large percentage of vocal instructors) have been adequately trained to know how to handle that amount of vocal use without damaging our voices.


the bulk of popular singing advice, though mostly very well meaning, is either ineffective or just plain…wrong. 

How do you know if you’ve stumbled ineffective advice? 

Remember all of those vocal workshops you’ve attended?

  • Were you more confused afterwards? 
  • Did you do what was asked but never really see obvious results? 
  • Did you end up feeling like the problem is probably just you? 
  • Did you excitedly pass on part of what you learned only to not even be able to easily explain it let alone prove it works?

Mmm hmm. 

But there is good news.


There is a way that any singer at any level can easily learn to prevent damage, control vibrato, gain strength & range, and start proving it by Sunday.

Most of us just didn’t know it existed.

Because…it didn’t.


That’s why we built it.

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