Weak Voice? Try THIS!

There are two processes that determine how WELL you sing, and IF you can actually sing as good as you CAN, when you try.

Do you ever find your voice just is, uh, wimpy, a little weak?

Well, it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Whether you have a big, loud voice naturally, or a really soft voice naturally, doesn’t determine how weak your voice is going to be, sometimes when you sing.

Sometimes, big voice singers will go to sing a ballad and that’s where the weakness really shows up.

Let’s look under the hood of your vocal machine and find out what’s going on, why it happens, and what the heck we do about it.

I’m going to give you an exercise to test something for yourself in your own voice.

Whenever you go to sing a note and it kind of falls apart underneath you, sometimes to me it feels like those fun house bridges that just kind of go like this underneath you. You think “I’m going for these notes” and nope, the bottom kind of just swoops out from underneath you.

Or other times you go to start, especially a soft song and you think, “I’m going to be so soft and gentle here”. But your voice just kind of escapes on you. And it’s like, “I’m out of here.”
What’s up with that?

Well, here’s the truth:
Your entire voice works on two groups of muscles, just like your arms and your legs 
 and there are two processes that will determine how well you sing, and if you can actually do it.


The first is the condition of those vocal muscles. If they’re strong, flexible, and coordinated, : they know exactly what to do to get you to all of those notes, strong or soft, whenever you choose.

And that requires 70 percent of getting the wrong training out and 30 percent of getting the right training in.

But, there’s another process that can totally undermine that whole thing, and that is what’s going on in your brain’s singing database, because your vocal anatomy, just like the other parts of your body, literally can and will do nothing for you unless it gets a green light from the part of your brain that is set aside to decide which instruction is best for it.

Unfortunately, up in that database is everything you’ve ever considered might be true about singing from anywhere. There’s a whole lot of crap up in there.

Whenever we have a singing tip, even if it’s a great one, if we’re not given a way to test it and prove it physically in the voice, your brain’s singing database will never prioritize that as more important than the junk that will actually do you harm.

That’s why we get inconsistent results when we go to sing.

When it comes to weakness in the voice, we have the perfect storm. A singing database that is spitting out the wrong information and weak or uncoordinated or inflexible vocal muscles.

Now, here’s the great news. Both of those things are totally fixable.

In fact, science has known for over 50 years that 98 percent of us have everything they need right now to be a really good singer. It’s already there. You just got to have the right training for your vocal muscles and the right way to filter out what’s already in your brains singing database to unlock it.

So let’s start doing that right now.

I’m going to give you a little tool to both test and start to improve the muscle strength in your voice.
If a coach understands how to design an exercise, and less than 3 percent of them actually do, that is what determines how much magic an exercise can bring to your voice.

I’m going to give you two different things to try in this exercise.

The first is to help you feel where the weakness exists in your voice.
And the second one is to begin stabilizing that and getting that muscle to come to work for you instead of just going on vacation and having an umbrella drink.

If you do this exercise every time you think of it, in the shower, when you’re driving someplace, when you’re cleaning your room, 
you’ll not only get a really good idea of the stability that’s already in your vocal muscle, but you’ll actually start to put it on notice that you expect it to show up.

But we can do so much more!

Let’s give that brain singing database and that muscle the signal that we mean for it to work a little bit more for us.

There are a bunch more ways we can build muscle even faster.

If you’re interested in restarting your vocal machine and finding out what’s really under the hood, why don’t you try out the 30 day Restart Your Vocal Engine Workout Challenge.

We clean out your vocal database, and we get that motor runnin but more important than both those things, we put YOU back in charge of your own voice.

You should know how to master your own voice, just like you know how to get the most out of your other body parts.

It’s my goal to make it easy for you to learn to do it.

It’s your job to unlock it. And it CAN be unlocked.

Stop putting suspicious stuff up in that database. Clean that sucker out. And unlock what’s beautiful. You’ll be amazed at what’s really under the hood.

Then get out there and sing!

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