Kim Snyder is the only master level vocal coach with advanced training in the current science of the vocal anatomy available without a specialized surgery referral or record label connection.

Unlike the very few who do what we do, we are only one who believes a singer should be trained in a way that allows them to understand and master their own voice.

Our goal is to make the same level of care professional touring singers have access to as affordable as possible: because your vocal health should not be a privilege.


We have a variety of courses available for quick fixes and help with specific topics

prices vary

Video lessons
Downloadable resources
Members group access

Single Sessions

45 minute live video calls via Skype, Zoom or Facetime


Get a professional opinion
Assess your vocal health
Ask those burning questions
Get clear options that are best for you
Get clear options that are best for you

Get quick fixes for a song or tips for a performance

Weekly Private Training

Ready to see the fasted growth imaginable? Our weekly 45 minute live online sessions are like having a master vocal coach in your pocket…or at least on your computer.

$350 / month

Custom workouts every time
Custom solutions to grow FASTER
Obstacle crushers catered to your voice
Encouragement based on facts & PROOF
Live support throughout the week

What you do is a blessing in a deeper, more meaningful than you will ever understand.

Not just in the way it makes people sound but the way it makes them feel about themselves. 

It’s contagious in the most positive way.

Thankful for you!

– Elijah, private student

I was listening to a song and HEARD what you said I would!

It was sooooo cool! It was so exciting!

I heard it and I was like, “I gotta tell Kim”!

I’m so thankful that you are encouraging me to not only DO it but LISTEN for it in other singers.

I love learning WHY.

I’m so glad you teach the WHY!

– Joelle, private student

Even though I’ve been singing in bands I never really considered myself a singer. 

But in a short time with Kim, I found myself going

“Huh – I might just be a singer!” 

I can’t believe what I can do now!

– Sarah, private student

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect for my sessions?

I will call you at our exact session time via the video program that works best for you (see options below).

Just make sure you’re on a high speed internet connection. Phones and public connections with many users are not recommended.

What if I have questions between sessions?

All of my students have my private cell number to text me at any time.  You can also message me on facebook, etc.  I love hearing from my private students, encouraging and helping whenever I can.

What if I'm not tech savvy? What programs do I need?

All you need to train live online is a computer, laptop, or other web enabled device (ipad, etc.) that can use apps, and has a built in microphone and camera.

I prefer using Skype. It’s been the easiest for everyone to use and the best reliable quality. It works simply on all devices and only requires a free account.

If for some reason Skype is not an option for you, we can use just about any video streaming app you’re comfortable with: Zoom, Facetime, Facebook video, etc. Just ask!

How does payment work?

When you signup you’ll choose a card for your monthly charges.  It will automatically be charged every month on the day of your original purchase.

If for some reason the payment doesn’t post, I’ll let you know so you can remedy it before your next session.

If payment issues aren’t resolved by the next session your training will pause until it’s resolved.

What if I'm sick or on vacation?

If you have a last minute emergency just text me and we can schedule a makeup session day and time.

If you know you’ll be missing a session we’ll schedule makeups for any dates you may miss.  Many times this is a great chance to do double sessions which allow us to dig super deep into issues and even prep entire albums.

If you miss a session without letting me know ahead of time that session is just skipped and is still billed, so  let me know as soon as you can. 😉

What if I have to cancel?

Life happens.  If it happens to you, you’ll want to let me know as soon as possible.

When you do, I’ll get to work on a special maintenence workout and custom advice that I’ll walk you through in your last scheduled session so you don’t loose any ground.

Any singer who has privately worked with me has lifetime priority access to ask me questions.

I always make room for students coming back regardless of my schedule.  Rates may have changed, but there will always be room for you.