The Safest Face Masks for Singing

Which face mask is best for singing?

In this livestream training, we skip the politics to show you how to make an educated decision for performing in public.

Master vocal coach Kim Snyder shows you the conclusions of all scientific studies (pre-Carona Virus) on masks and distancing standards that have been used for decades to keep sick performers from infecting each other or their audience.

Then we look at the features of 4 masks, the most recommended, the highest claims and the medical conclusions for the impact on the singers lungs and health.

You decide! But not based on fear, agenda, or skewed viewpoints: based on what we know the singing voice and lungs do, need and how we much protect them.
Find out what you need to know before you get out there and sing during a lock down, a mandate or just a time filled with fear.


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