The #1 Mistake Worship Singers Make


Four out of five worship singers make this mistake every week. Are you making it too?

It wasn’t long ago that none of us had a clue what worship looked like in different churches.
But since the advent of live streaming, we can now look at worship teams all over the world.

I’ve noticed that probably three out of four singers at mini churches to mega churches are all making the same mistake.
And it’s a big one.

Worship music is the only type of singing a singer can do where your number ONE goal is NOT to sing well or to impress people with what you can do.

Should you sing well if you’re a worship singer or leader? Yeah. In fact, you have more reason to be great at what you do than a singer that does any other kind of singing.
In church, we bring what some people call our sacrifice of praise, and I really love that illustration.
I firmly believe that because we are put up in front of people that our offering that we bring needs to be exemplary.

And the way that we bring it needs to be exemplary too. Not because we have to look good or get people to clap along, but simply because we are performing many of the roles that were set aside for priests in the Old Testament.


We are to lead the people in bringing their offering of praise to God. 
And anything that is an obstacle to that is an obstacle to our very purpose for being there in the first place.
That’s why this particular mistake is number one on my list of what worship singers should never do.

Without even telling you what it is, I can tell you how to find out if you’re doing it.
Check out the live stream of the last time you were on worship team. And when you pull up that video, turn the volume OFF, because this mistake has absolutely nothing to do with notes or how well you sing.


Ask yourself this question.

Does that person look like they know God?

Like they love God?

Like they know something that I want to know about God?
It is tempting to close our eyes so much that it looks like we don’t want to be there.
When people are in the seats watching you worship, do they think you believe what you say?

Does it look like it means anything to you?

Do we lift our hands as a half hearty, I give up?

Or do we lift our hands because we can’t help ourselves?

If you go look back at a live stream of something you’ve done in worship, you’re going to find some of that. I find plenty of my own and it’s really good to go back and look at.


Regardless of what our intent is or where our heart is, people see what’s on the outside. People that don’t get a chance to know us are making decisions just like that.

Do we look like we believe it?

Do we look like we want to be there?

Do we look like we have something that they should want?


Here’s a quick way to begin to fix this.

Beyond just learning the notes and the words.

Sing those songs directly to God in your own time. Make them part of your personal worship.


Becoming a better ‘singer’ is super easy.
Becoming a better WORSHIPPER that can have an impact that’s something that God has to do in you.


If we’ll take the time to let Him do that, people will not only sing along better, they will CONNECT to the message of what we’re singing.
People can tell if we believe what we’re singing or not.


All it takes is watching for people to decide if we have anything worth singing about.


And what a shame it would be, even if we sang the most beautiful solo in the world, if they looked at our eyes and saw nobody was home.
Every single Christ follower will spend all of eternity singing REAL worship, and as a side bonus, no rehearsal.


Until then, let’s do everything we can to make sure that we wear our heart for God on our sleeve, in such an obvious way, that it even comes through a live stream.
Just a thought.

Now get out there and sing!

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