The Best Posture for Singing – The Voice Club

Is ‘singing posture’ important?

NO.  And I’ll prove it in this singers brain training video.


If that’s true, why is NO ONE is telling you this?

God bless ’em.  They haven’t been told either.  And by ‘they’ I mean over 95% of singing TEACHERS, and nearly 100% of singers like you.


Why does it matter?

Because ALL the time you’re wasting on this is losing you YEARS on vocal progress AND building some of the hardest vocal obstacles to overcome.


You can learn to master your own voice

The first step is:

  • learning how to separate the facts from long held myths
  • how to TEST singing advice
  • and how to PROVE it works
  • and when it doesn’t…to just let it go.


My mission is to help you do that.  Not because I have something to sell you.  Not because I need students.

Just because I AM a singer, just like you….and I got fooled too.


How much time have you spent learning or improving your singing posture?  Post below!