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What is The Voice Club?

Creator of The Voice Club Method, certiied vocal coach, vocal repair specialist, Aftra/SAG voice talent, conference speaker, commercial audio producer by trade, handy with power tools and would rather smell like a meat smoker than 'perfumy' anytime.

​I'm Kim. 

And if you're a singer, I bet you and I have a lot more in common than you think.

I've spent the better part of my life as a frustrated singer who hated my voice but really loved to sing anyway.

So don't let this next part throw you.  I'm nothing special.  Our journey might not be the same but I bet some of our struggles might be.

I've spent most of my life as a professional singer. I was told I was born because my sister needed another background singer in our family group. So at 4, I hit the road with the McDaniel Sisters trio. 

Then I started getting jingle work at 15. (the same year I started working as a radio jock and voiceover talent). By 16, I was fronting bands. I did the indie label thing in my 20's.

So I clearly had it all together.  Right?


Like I said, I had issues.  I hated my voice.  It felt like it was going to fall apart at any moment. But people were paying me to sing and I felt like such a fake.

So I did what singers do. I shelled out the big bucks and went from teacher to teacher, method to method, desperately searching for something I didn't need a degree just to understand that could give me quick results.

Is that really so much to ask?

Evidently it was.

I took the really long road around to realizing something that completely changed me as a singer.

My 'quest' for fixing my voice & comparing what is taught to what vocal surgeons told me about how the voice works only made one thing clear: we’ve been taught (usually by really nice, very well-meaning people) just about everything EXCEPT how to uncover the incredible range and EASE that our voices were created to have.

In fact, if we did everything we’ve been told would ‘solve’ our problems, we’d all be standing stiff as a board, squeezing’ our butts, hands clasped, shoulders back, neck arched, imaginary string extruding from the top of our rounded ‘sound chambers’, puckering tightly, one eyebrow vicariously perched above the other while attempting our best 'rock face', letting out a primal yell….and about two dozen other weird things that have absolutely nothing to do with singing. 

But it doesn't give us that permanent solution we hoped to find.

So we believe we're just not as talented as we'd hoped.

If we get bold enough to ask WHY we're not growing, we get answers that either go over our heads or make us feel stupid for asking.

So we get embarrassed.

And we quit.

But here’s what I learned after going 'behind the curtain' of singing instruction:

There are a small handful of vocal instructors out there who know much of what I know. I’ve worked with some of them. These are instructors who can actually get your voice to do what you've always been looking for.

But you'll probably never work with them because they charge sometimes thousands of dollars and getting in with them takes a special introduction from your manager on your way to your second vocal surgery as a labeled artist (or an ‘in’ to the top vocal surgeon in the country in my case).

So….what good are they to you?

Why don't the rest of deserve to know the 'secrets' to singing better faster?

We DO.

That's why I created The Voice Club.

And then came this CRAZY TWIST-click here

I never would've created The Voice Club Academy if it weren't for this

I designed The Voice Club Method to be everything I would've killed to have.

And since I'm just a simple white chick, I made it SIMPLE to understand and follow. (My two year old grand daughter got it. I've even trained a five year old who travels in a family band. SHE got it too!)

But what makes me happiest is when our students can answer questions about their voices that it took me years to understand. Things those other coaches said no singer should even know.

From our podcast episodes and videos to our content-packed blog posts, our goal isn't to sell you on scales and exercises, but to empower you to understand and master your own voice.

And we do it by showing you what most singing teachers haven't been taught about your voice, and the others just don’t trust you to know.


The Voice Club certifies and trains only hand selected instructors who undergo regular training and testing to maintain the highest level of instruction.

The Voice Club’s ‘Better…Faster” Method has been taught in conferences and workshops across the US, Canada and Europe; from professional gigging performers to independent recording artists, worship leaders, worship singers and singer/songwriters.

The Voice Club Academy, our online Video Training Program has created a whole new level of performing singer; including Canada’s New Country Artists of the Year, The Command Sisters.

Singers of all ages, levels, backgrounds and styles have worked with our certified vocal coaches through private online lessons in over 10 countries.

We continue our mission to get high level vocal information out to every singer through The Voice Club Blog and the Podcasts, conferences, workshops and Live Vocal Bootcamps for churches, community theater groups and other groups of singers.

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