Nail Those LOW Notes like a Pro!

You CAN nail those LOW notes. I’m going to show you HOW, and PROVE it works. 

I’m going to give you a quick tip so that you can do it in any song right now a nd we’ll talk about the truth about what your voice is really waiting to do for you. Hey there, I’m Kim Snyder, master vocal coach, vocal repair expert, and creator of the Voice Club Method, the only method in existence based on the current proven science that we know about the anatomy of the voice and the neurology of what controls it. 

‘RANGE’, as a word, is a musical construct. The physical and anatomical voice just simply does not work the way most people explain range. 

If range is a musical construct that is not at all helpful to us in reaching low notes, then why did we learn that in the first place? Well, that all goes back to the big why we all don’t sing like we could right now. 

Over 95 percent of all singing advice out there is based on theories that have been 100 percent disproved by science. Not only that, but the other 5 percent out there is based on science that is over 50 years old. 

And hey, I’m not blaming. I wouldn’t have known any different if it weren’t for the unique opportunity I had to have my voice completely destroyed by doctors twice. Two times being told by the world’s top vocal surgeon there was no scientific basis for me to ever even make a creaky sound again What I learned in doing what science said was impossible twice is that your voice can do amazingly more than even science has proven, and we’ve been proving it in singers ever since.

So just ignore whatever you’ve believed about the limitations of your vocal range.

What your body can really reach as far as its limitation of notes is based on two things. One, the current condition of your vocal machine. The second thing it’s depended on is what’s inside your brain’s singing database up here. 

This is everything you’ve ever picked up, whether you’ve studied or not, everything you’ve ever believed about how to sing, because what’s up here will decide what this can do. It’s the boss. 

The truth is that your voice can already reach much lower notes than you think it can. 

The real problem is not in the voice, it’s in the brain’s singing database. 

And in order to fix that, first, we have to detach that old data that’s not serving you well. We need to provide physical proof to the brain of what your voice can do. And then we need to start rebuilding that singing database so that it’s based on what your anatomy can actually do, which is a whole lot more than your brain is allowing your voice to do right now. 

I’m going to walk you through the steps, then I’m going to do it in my own voice and give you an example. Then I want you to try it and post in the comments what happened. 


After you try this, you should be thinking, what else can my voice do that I’m not aware of? I’m glad you asked.

Find out in the 30 Day Restart Your Vocal Engine Challenge. In 30 days, you can uncover exactly what your voice is all ready to do. 

And I will give you very concrete, specific ways to test the five qualities of a Vocal Athlete to know exactly where you’re at in those five qualities and to know what comes next to make yourself a smarter singer who can master their OWN voice. 

And that frees you up to really enjoy singing so much more, and you’re gonna start giving your voice a whole lot more credit once you see what’s under the hood.

Now how do you get those low notes to show up in that song?

The number one thing you need to do is relax. Forcing low notes is a temporary fix that will only show up sometimes and can be vocally damaging over time. 

So, not a good idea. Do a nice, relaxed yawn and stretch before you go out to sing.


Stop blaming your voice. It can already reach those low notes.

Stop taking singing advice. it’s the root of the entire problem.

And save time and frustration, just join my free group, ask me any question you want,

Smart singers understand how their voice really works and they demand proof that every bit of advice that they’re given actually works in what you’ve got right now.
Start demanding answers.

Then get out there and sing those low notes!

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