How to Harmonize the EASY way


Do you want to learn how to harmonize? It’s easier than you think.

Did you know that throughout history, people have harmonized?
And I don’t mean singers. I mean, Everybody harmonized.

But in the last few decades, knowing how to harmonize has become rarer and rarer.


In fact, we’re on the cusp of a harmonization extinction event.

That’s simply because our brains need very specific information to understand melody, And a complementing part, or what we call a harmony.

And when you have a voice standing next to you singing a part, and a voice standing next to you that’s singing a harmony, and that is your reference, the brain is pretty good at filling in the middle spots that are missing. Filling in the holes. But ever since we started recording music, that changed all the rules.

Now what do we harmonize to? Other recordings. And that’s where the problem started.

Because of the amount of different frequencies that exist within a recording, and how they are mixed together and compressed, our brain no longer has easy access to the specific information it needs to identify, What the main part is, what a complementing part is, and to identify the holes.


If you’re trying to learn to harmonize by learning to a song that has harmonies on it, you’re fighting an uphill battle.

And you’re probably going to come away saying, I can’t harmonize. Well, that’s simply not true.

I’m going to show you how if you give your brain what it needs to make this decision, it can already do it.


How did we do?  Now, if you sang the part I gave you, we just sang a harmony together. And I just proved you can harmonize.

I didn’t teach you any music theory. We didn’t even talk about thirds and fifths.

I just simply said, here’s your part. 
Sing these notes. And then I sang some other notes and we were harmonizing together.

That is the basic information the brain needs.


I grew up in a family trio. I was four years old when I started performing with the trio. So I’ve been harmonizing my whole life. How did I learn to harmonize? The same way people have learned to harmonize for centuries.

Somebody says, here’s your part. You repeat it, you sing it, your brain says, oh, guess what? That’s the ‘melody’.

It’s not the melody of the song, and it doesn’t have to be, because none of those words really matter. What matters is that your brain identifies those notes as the main part.

Regardless of what part you sing, if it’s coming out of your mouth, your ears hear that voice. as the main part. Everything else is complementary.


Now, if you’d like to really struggle to learn how to harmonize, we would do it this way.

We’ve already given your brain a little bit of a head start, but it’s still going to be harder.

I’m going to sing a melody, and then you’re going to harmonize.

I want you to pick a third. or a fifth. Get out some sheet music and harmonize with me. Are you ready? Pick a third, pick a fifth, or dig out some sheet music. And let’s harmonize.

You had a head start and you actually had that other part in your mind.

See how much easier it is when we just start by giving the brain what it needed?!


The problem is that over 98 or more percent of all vocal education is based on guesses and, most likely, centuries old advice that has since been disproven in what we know about how the voice works and what it needs from the brain to work: to do what it can already do.

And that means that your voice, as it exists this minute, can do so much more than it is allowing to happen because it is being stopped by the misinformation in the singing database of the brain.

Because until it gets a green consensus light up here, this goes, uh, guys, just waiting for a clear direction.

And the result is sporadic, unreliable, inconsistent things that come out of our mouth, which lead us to believe I can’t do that. It’s just not true.

Times have changed.
Music production has changed.
And that means that the way we get information to our brains so that it can do the job of harmonization has got to change too.


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If we keep sticking to old ways to try to get to a new problem, pretty soon none of us are going to be able to harmonize.

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I’m on a mission to make you a smarter singer so that you can begin to really enjoy the incredible voice that you already have and begin to realize how much more it can grow from there.

Join me and get out there and sing!

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