Get Vibrato Now…and FAST!


Vibrato. Why is it not showing up? There’s a reason for that.

In this video I give you a quick tip to get it to show up in any song & tell you the permanent fix to make it part of your beautiful styling tool selection.

The lie about vibrato is that you either have it or you don’t.

Some people are born with it. Some people just never get it. But that’s just not the way the voice works.

It would be like telling a kid, you’re never going to be a basketball player because your legs look too short to me. Well, I’m not a big basketball fan, but I do have eyes and I’ve seen plenty of not so tall players playing basketball. So why do we believe that lie?

Because over 95 percent of all singing advice that we hear today is grounded in theories that have been completely disproven by science.

And the other 5 percent out there? Well, they’re based on the science that was known over 50 years ago.

I’m not judging. I wouldn’t know any different either if it weren’t for the unique opportunity to have my voice completely destroyed twice by different doctors and to have the world’s top vocal surgeon tell me that science has no precedent for me to ever even make a gravelly sound again,.

What I learned in recovering my voice twice, is that your voice can do way more than even the current science knows.And we’ve been proving it in hundreds of singers ever since.

So let’s put this myth about not having vibrato to bed, shall we?


Here’s the real reason you don’t have vibrato.

We have to look at how vibrato actually works in the body. There are two groups of vocal muscles that control everything your little vocal cords do.

When there’s just barely enough pressure to hold those vocal cords barely still against the air that comes up out of your breathing tube, those little beautiful vocal folds wiggle.

That wiggle is heard as a vibrato.


Did you know that vibrato is completely unique to you?

Everybody has a natural vibrato.

For some, it’s really fast. For some, it’s really slow. And then we’re not talking about that big classical vibrato.

That is a forced vibrato, and that is something that is put on, kind of like other styling tools that we learn and choose to put in place.

But every voice does have a natural vibrato that you should be able to control and use at will wherever you want.

So, why is it not showing up?


The problem is not in the voice. The problem is in what I call the brain’s singing database.

This is everything you’ve ever believed, whether you were formally taught it or not.

Everything you’ve ever believed. Every piece of advice you’ve ever taken about how to sing.

Fact is, because they were not based in anything that gels with how your body actually works.

At best, they work here and there. They work on one song or a part of a song, or sometimes they show up in some songs.

But they never work all the time. And we’re kind of left with the feeling that it must be me. It must be my voice isn’t good enough.


It must be I’m just not talented enough. That is just not true.

Because at The Voice Club, we have definitively proven if we can detach your brain singing database long enough to give it some physical proof of what your vocal machine can actually do, and we can begin to build a new singing database, all of a sudden everything that your voice could always do is completely unleashed.

And then that’s just the starting point of what we can start to build in your voice. It’s pretty crazy.

So let’s get to the proof, shall we?



Follow the exercise in the video to feel vibrato in your own voice right now.


The reason your vibrato has not been showing up is one of two things.

Either there is too much muscle squeeze going on when you sing that it does not allow the conditions to exist in order for that nice lovely little wiggle to happen which needs to be really relaxed and free of outside tension or strain.

Or it could be the opposite extreme. And this is, true for most of my worship singers. we’re so used to singing light and breathy that that vocal muscle has never really become trained or engaged and doesn’t know it needs to jump in.

And if we don’t have muscle to stabilize the vocal cords in the right way, Those vocal folds cannot be in the position that they need to be in, in order for that wiggle to happen either. Is your voice capable of doing this? Yeah, like this second.

We just need to move what’s in the brains singing database out of the way, and we need to build the habit to put this in the right conditions for it to exist.


How do we get this to show up in a song?

Well, the fastest and most permanent way is to completely retrain our brain’s singing database and unleash that voice. And I’ll tell you how you can do that in a minute.


The number one thing you want to do is stop following any other tricks, any other vocal advice that you’ve tried before.

Which is that 95 percent of the singing advice that’s out there.

Because that will only work sometimes. It’ll leave you frustrated. It’ll show up sometimes, then you go to sing that same song again, and then it’s not there, and you don’t understand why.


Always remember, it’s not your voice’s fault.

It’s what’s in your brains singing database that’s in the way. So don’t follow any other singing advice on vibrato. It’s just going to make this much more temporary and sporadic.


Try this to make vibrato show up where you want it

Follow the exercise in the video to feel vibrato in your own voice right now.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you knew how to unleash everything else that your voice could already do? And you knew actually how to prove it was there and to assess it for yourself?

And might we even hope to be able to master our own voices? It’s absolutely possible. Within 30 days, you could be seeing amazing things from your voice.

I call it the 30 day ReSTART Your Vocal Engine challenge It’s four weeks of specific training and vocal exercises and brain training to build that new singing database, unlock what’s already in your voice and to teach you how to master it for yourself.

Find out more about the 30 Day Restart Your Vocal Engine Challenge, take it. You’ll be glad you did. You will learn so much. I want to hear how it’s going with you bringing your vibrato out.


Stop blaming your voice.

It can do incredible things. Try this out, and don’t just do it once or twice. I mean, commit to it. We’ve got a bunch of old stuff in here that has to move out of the way in order to allow this to do what it was born to do.

And always require PROOF, like you do with everything else in your life.

Smart singers ask questions and demand answers. So become one, and get out there and sing!


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