Worship Singer Callouts – are you doing this wrong?

What are ‘callout’s & how do you do them right? Understanding WHAT it is isn’t enough to master this live show tool. Learn why we even use them, where they came from and how to know if and where you should use them in your own worship teams worship sets. Learn to worship like a pro!

True Authenticity – What your worship leader wished you knew

Being an authentic worship singer begins with how we prepare each song.

All in the 3rd episode in the 2020 Worship Singer Training Series from vocal coach Kim Snyder /The Voice Club.

In this series of LIVE free worship vocal training videos for worship singers, I’m sharing how to functionally ‘choose your lamb for the offering of worship’ with step by step plans to move from ‘worship robot’ to removing the obstacles to communicating your walk with God through every song.

Use my 7-STEP PRO SONG PREP PLAN to learn songs more efficiently and move beyond to ministry faster.

ENTIRE SERIES HERE https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC-kxGZDIz7R8LQ7iajhFHJdENuqEt2FP

Make worship better and more fulfilling through this live worship workshop for singers:

Episode 1: Naked Worship-the private worship that revolutionized my view of public worship

Episode 2: Confidence – how to avoid worship fails with proven steps for true confidence, shaky notes and nerves on the platform (Holy Holy Holy hymn)

Episode 3: Connection – bringing new life into corporate worship: 6 step professional singers plan to make the most impact in every song

Episode 4: Vocal Control – why notes fall apart or start weak & how to get and control vibrato at any age that creates a beautiful blend

Episode 5: Vocal Power – Singing strong without pain, the difference between volume and power, the #1 power note killer, 2 powerful strain stoppers (Way Maker)

Episode 6: Becoming a Power Team – the roles of leader, lead and background singer and what you’ll never hear at a worship conference, & defining expectations as a singer

Episode 7: What worship singers wish their worship leaders knew