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Kim Snyder is a Master Vocal Coach, Vocal Repair Specialist and creator of The Voice Club Method.

Touring with a family group from the age of four, Kim became a professional session vocalist at 15, and indie label artist opening for major label acts at 21 and has spent her life as an event vocalist, festival worship leader and singer.

Her work as a vocal coach began out of necessity when dozens of vocal coaches failed to be of any real life use for her career. The only method teaching some of the science of the voice required her to become a coach for access.

But after an outpatient procedure left her entering brain death and with a permanently destroyed voice, not even the world’s largest coaching organization had a clue how to help.

With doctors promising it wasn’t possible, she did the research and developed a system to not only recover a full professional voice, but gain an additional half octave.

Within two years, another surgeon would leave her with a completely severed vocal cord and even the world top vocal surgeon for singers said she would never speak or sing again.

Within months, she had developed a new system that led to the complete recovery of her voice.

Kim has trained professional speakers and working singers, repaired other damaged voices and lives to unlock what the amazing voice can actually do in everyone.
Walk through top WARMUP EXERCISES and see what goes WRONG when the coach doesn't teach 'the WHY'. Then learn what they didn't: how to get the MAGI...
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