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How to Sing"Graves into Gardens" better FASTER!

PDF QUICK FIX GUIDE - Everything you need to make this song EASIER right NOW! - Lyrics chart & directions to make ... Show more
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Need to sing BETTER …. like NOW?   I’ve gotcha covered.

Inside Your Quick Fix PDF Guide You’ll Learn:

  • How to make this song your own
  • The 5 Simple Step Process to identify and FIX the hardest parts of this song
  • 2 Lyric Sheets to use to create your own personal ‘quick fix chart’
  • A Lyic Guide showing the quick fixes you’ll be choosing from

These fixes are exclusive to this song, not common practices to be added to other songs.

Fixing what ain’t broken just creates more rules that create a bigger wall between your brain ‘testing’ instead of SINGING & unleashing what your voice can really do.

Quick fixes are just that: while they cannot permenantly FIX what causes your voice to NOT do what you want, we can dramatically decrease the worst most common trouble spots by putting ‘bowling bumpers’ on the most common problem areas.

I’ll show you how to identify WHICH fixes YOU need – ignore the rest.

In just MINUTES you can be singing this song BETTER – FASTER…the Voice Club Method way.