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No other singing program can do what we do because The Voice Club Method is the ONLY source that trains soley from the current PROVEN science of what your voice can actually DO

It’s time to move up to SMART SINGER


– Your FIRST Training Video
– Your first PDF workbook
– Your vocal workout MP3
– Learn how to FAST TRACK your success
PROVEN QuickTips to retrain your singing database
Step-by-step walkthrough of your vocal workout and how to make it work even FASTER!

understand your voice


– Your Training video with Master Level Vocal Concepts few PRO’S even know
Complete walkthrough of the weeks vocal workout
– A New PDF Workbook for your workouts & growth notes

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– A BONUS Training Video
– Learn to MAKE IT LAST
– Get a CUSTOM maintenence workout
– Create your own ‘little black book’ to keep your voice in check
BONUS GIFT for smart singers!

Everything you need to TEST – ASSESS – & PROVE your own voice can do much more than you think…in JUST 30 DAYS!

This program is designed specifically for singers at every level who have never personally trained in The Voice Club Method before.  It contains the essential foundation for all Voice Club Method training programs

Brain training for your voice - proven neurological science to sing better faster

Every training video includes BRAIN TRAINING to uncover the WHY behind what your voice IS or ISN’T doing.

This ain’t your typical ‘how to sing mumbo jumbo’.

This is cutting edge – scientifically proven TRUTH that you cannot find anywhere else.

Tools to master your OWN voice

Learn the essentials of FIXING your own voice on the spot!  You’ll be guided through what to look for and what to do: customized to YOUR voice – RIGHT NOW. This is a powerful skill NO other method teaches.

At the end of 30 days, you’ll have created a CHEAT SHEET for you personal voice and a PLAN to fix what’s getting in the way!

Super fast results for your singing voice - no singing lessons can do that

Throughout your 30 days you have the option to SUPERCHARGE your growth with bonus tips and exercises.

Grow LIGHTENING FAST either way – but come on, don’t you wanna see what your voice can REALLY do?

Want PROOF your singing voice is better? This is it

During this program you will use ONE SONG as your basis for understanding your voice and PROVING everything you’ve learned.

Not just promises…
you will have PROOF!

understand your voice

Learn how to ASSESS your own voice: what to look for, listen for, and what to DO with it! 

You really CAN learn to MASTER your OWN voice. We’ll show you HOW.

live vocal coach support for singers

Every week there is a special challenge for those with Live Support to keep you on your toes and encourage even FASTER growth!

See for yourself why The Voice Club Method blows everything else out of the water



Not only do I UNDERSTAND what’s going on but I can actually FEEL it happening – and CHANGE IT!

Amber Zuschlag

Singer Songwriter

What ARE you? A frickin’ magician?!!

I can’t even BELIEVE these notes are coming out of my mouth!

Kris Sutton

New singer

5 voice teachers over 11 years were all the same. I thought maybe I just wasn’t good enough to ‘get it’.

But ONE illustration from The Voice Club Method and I FINALLY understood my voice!

Game Changer!

Laura Rammage

Gigging Singer

I’m singing WHATEVER I WANT now!

I just can’t believe how EASY is it is to sing those super ‘difficult’ songs 🙂

Elijah Tadema

Professional Singer, Worship Leader

The Voice Club Method changed everything!

Kim has been so instrumental in helping us find our unique sound – and just OWN it.

The Command Sisters

Canada's New Artists of the Year


We guarantee you will have more ‘ah-ha’ moments than in any other training you’ve had for your voice or your money back!

It’s time to SEE FOR YOURSELF what your voice can REALLY do!



Top Features

  • Weekly Master Vocal Training Videos
  • Weekly Custom Vocal Workout Plans
  • Weekly PDF: Vocal Training, Workout Details & Accountability Sections
  • BONUS Maintenance Workout at 30 Days
  • BONUS GIFT on completion

30 days of training for less than the cost of 1 private session!





  • Ask ANY Question – get actionable answers
  • Get CUSTOM help on any song
  • FAST TRACK your growth with custom tips for what YOU want most
  • Our PRO singer coach access now for ALL singers

30 days of private master coach access for less than the cost of 2 live training sessions!