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Vocal Bootcamp
**Vocal Bootcamp (2hrs.) How to tell vocal tips from myths – and the truth about your voice almost no one knows.


In this fast paced, high energy workshop, we unlock WHY your voice won’t do that thing you want it to and teach singers (and non-singers) how to hear what’s going wrong in their voices.


Once you’ve been empowered with the knowledge we let you test your assessment skills as we use volunteers.  See if you’re right and watch Kim apply some quick fixes you can hear and apply right away!  (worship leaders – this is your chance to let your team see their potential, and that you’re human too – a great bonding time for all teams)


If you book only one workshop, choose this one.  Vocal Bootcamp provides the essential methodology you’ll need to get the most out of all of our workshops.


Requirements: 2 mics with boom stands, keyboard, sound board/speaker for keyboard and mics, screen for video slides (mac adapted to VGA), pens/pencils, seating for more than you expect.


Vocal Master Class

*Vocal Master Class (1-2hrs.) is an open forum for everyone to ask questions and receive actionable, results oriented answers and tips from a certified instructor. In this workshop, we will walk step by step through the questions that bug you most about your voice.  We’ll give live vocal assessments and show what’s going on, the science behind it, and exactly what needs to happen to correct it. Among the 5% of instructors who know this information we will teach in this workshop, The Voice Club is the only one to  offer it to those other than high level certified instructors.   We take the most advanced science behind developing your best voice and put it into plain language everyone can understand.   This workshop is filled with actionable steps to start working toward your best voice immediately.   If booked separately from Vocal Bootcamp, this workshop will need a minimum of 2hours.  Maximum time is determined by your schedule.  We could do this for days and not run out of information….but because you must eat at some point, we won’t. Requirements: 2 mics with boom stands, keyboard, sound board/speaker for keyboard and mics, screen for video slides (mac adapted to VGA), pens/pencils, seating.

Mastering the Stage (or the platform)
Mastering the Stage (1-2hrs) covers effective communication with your audience of One and beyond. Your personal worship is key to the success of a corporate musical worship experience.  But nearly all singers, including leaders, say they are sometimes to always distracted from worship by a lack of comfort on stage or confidence with the tools available to them. In this workshop, singers, leaders and tech teams will learn to approach any platform or stage with the same knowledge touring artists have. Gain the confidence to be more comfortable and remove obstacles to authentic worship. This workshop includes important technical information that will not only impact your comfort and ability to accurately hear yourself on stage, but also use the tools of the stage to further increase your ability to sing better. As a professional audio producer, Kim shares secrets to working successfully with a sound person at any level.  Learn what you need as a singer and how to get it out of any sound setup. Then learn to use the tools of the stage to further increase your confidence and how setup the stage to literally set up every singer to sing even better – no audio tricks needed. In the 2 hour version of this workshop, we walk singers through using the tools live and give easy to use, quick tips to move from ok to professional on stage. This is a workshop that every singer needs.  Essential for worship teams and very helpful for your tech team as well. Requirements: stage/platform, 2-5 mics with stands, monitors and speakers, sound board, keyboard, screen for video slides (your basic Sunday service audio setup minus band and video)
Vocal 911
Vocal 911  (1-2hrs) Many singers are headed toward or already have vocal damage and don’t even know it.  What’s even worse, it’s actually pretty simple to avoid, if you have the right information. A certified vocal repair technician who was able to repair her own voice after a medically induced complete vocal cord prolapse left her unable to make sound, Kim Snyder will walk through the most common types of vocal damage, what causes them and how to avoid them.  Plus, learn what few people know; how vocal problems can be repaired without surgery. Then, get real, usable answers to your vocal health questions in the Q&A section. From raspy voice after a cold, to acid reflux to singing through a 2hr. concert two days before vocal node surgery, The Voice Club has helped singers & speakers through the worst and back to their best voice ever. Requirements: 2 mics with boom stands, keyboard, sound board/speaker for keyboard and mics, screen for video slides (mac adapted to VGA), pens/pencils, seating.
Easy Charting for Singers
Easy Charting for Singers (1-2hrs) Learn the official TVC revised Nashville Numbering System adapted specifically for singers (Essential for worship leaders). The Nashville Numbering System revolutionized the speed at which session musicians could learn and adapt musical arrangements.  But the system has one flaw: the human voice covers more than core chords.  This can make a system designed for speed and efficiency confusing and unnecessarily overwhelming for singers. We’ve adapted this time tested method specifically to help your singers of any age with any level of musical knowledge to learn to quickly read multiple part numbers charts quickly.  No music reading required.   For those familiar with the system, learn to chart new melodies, ad libs and harmonies in a way that makes it easy for singers to learn. Requirements: 1 mics with boom stand, keyboard, sound board/speaker for keyboard and mics, screen for video slides (mac adapted to VGA), pens/pencils, seating.


Our passion is making high level vocal education available to singers at all levels. Our mission is to make sure every worship singer has access to this information too. Our pricing structure for church and worship workshops is developed with that in mind. Below are our most requested worship options. If your need is different, just let us know. Workshops include discounted offerings to additional online &/or private training.


  • Travel and accommodations (if any) from Seattle (no cost if within 75 miles of Seattle)
  • NO COST for workshop


  • 2 hour Sunday afternoon Vocal Bootcamp Workshop (please allow 1 hr for setup and 1-2hrs. for tear down/overflow questions)
  • Up to 6, optional :30 private sessions offered at $35 each ($100 value)
  • Co-leading worship with your worship band for Sunday service(s) on Bootcamp Sunday
  • Short Video from Save the Storks, my ministry partner



  • $1500, four breakouts (full day), or
  • $750, two breakouts (half day)
  • Travel and accommodations from Seattle WA


  • Vocal Bootcamp plus other workshop(s) of choice
  • Workshops each include Take Home Tip Sheets and Actionable To-Do’s to see results long afterwards
  • Attendees receive 50% discount on The Voice Club Academy, our complete vocal training online video program
  • 2, 90 minute private sessions to be given away/used at will during conference visit
  • Optional 2 hour Team Vocal Makeover with sponsoring churches worship team before rehearsal for weekend services
  • Co-leading worship with sponsoring churches worship band for service(s) of Bootcamp weekend

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