In this live class we answered a bunch of questions from worship leaders and singers.  It turned out to be over 2 hours of high level vocal information, including:

  • A walk through of what killed Phil Wickham’s voice and how to avoid it
  • Why your voice isn’t consistently good on the same song
  • How the voice actually makes sound and how we tend to sabotage it
  • Signs of vocal damage and the different types of unbalanced singing that can lead to damage
  • My own story of recovery from extreme vocal damage
  • How any singer can learn to sing effortlessly
  • Mic tips that can save your voice
  • How to take a compliment in the church (do you know how many people struggle with this?)
  • How to find the perfect key for all singers to sing in
  • How to successfully sing the high/hard notes
  • How to get rid of mucous in the throat and overcome other physical factors that affect singing
  • One of the biggest lies told to singers in the church about what they should do before they sing
  • PLUS, I gave a great vocal warmup and 3 bonus exercises you can do to rebalance your voice during rehearsal or while you’re on stage.

A special thanks to worship leader and recording artist Tricia Zody who joined us as a video guest and shared about the discouraging things you can hear while recording both from your voice and other people and how to handle them.


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