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Our biggest mission is to empower singers in our churches and give them the tools to know HOW to worship with excellence.

That's why we created Vocal Bootcamp.

The Voice Club's Vocal Bootcamp is the wildest, funniest, most educational workshop you'll ever host.

We had Kim Snyder bring "The Vocal Bootcamp" to our church and we were, and still are, extremely pumped about the results!

Not only did we have a blast learning jaw dropping and paradigm shattering facts about vocals, but the "on the spot" vocal correction was both inspiring and encouraging.

As a Worship Director, I would implore others to bring her in so that vocalists can receive the training that they need to free them from vocal distraction and allow them to fully worship.

Elijah Tadema
Mt. Vernon Christ the King

Vocal Bootcamp isn't just created for your worship team.  It's designed for self-proclaimed 'non-singers' who love musical worship too.

It's a fast-paced, engaging walk through the biggest obstacles to singing better and how to get over them!


"How Does This Thing Work?"

We'll take a look at how your voice is created to make sound (and show you why NOT knowing this sets you up to sing worse) 


"What's this Flappy thing for?"

See why misunderstanding between the food pipe and the windpipe can strangle your notes (and make you eat stupid stuff)


"I thought that was just for 'special people'."

Learn why 'natural born singers' sing that easily...and how YOU can too!



We'll guess exactly what you hate about your voice and why....and in the process, show you what's missing, as we outline our method for defining your voice type.



Understand WHY the things you've tried to sing better have been working against you (and how 'not alone' you really are)




With the help of the attendees, we'll guess our volunteers voice types.  Then we'll all figure out what they need to sing better (and then we'll show them how to do it)

Learning how to hear what's wrong in someone else's voice is super powerful.  

That's because we have to hear what we're learning outside of our own voice to really grasp it. 

THEN we can identify those things in our own voices and start using the tips we'll give to start fixing them!

It's the fastest two hours of training you'll ever love!

Will you take questions afterwards?

Will you work with singers individually or work with our team?

What's the cost of the Vocal Bootcamp?

If you'd like us to provide a bootcamp for your church, worship conference or group of churches, contact us here.

Get a Little Taste of Our Training

This guy is a worship leader. And he really likes a lot.  So we thought we'd let him spout beautiful things about us.  You're gonna like it.

What do we have to offer worship singers who want to excel?

  • ​Clinics galore for worship conferences
  • Private coaching via internet (as available)
  • Skype training for groups
  • ​Online video based training for individuals
  • ​Live vocal bootcamps
  • ​Worship Team Vocal Makeovers
  • (shhhhhh...we're working with worship pastors on a super secret inCREDible's a biggy!)

What's your biggest challenge with your vocalists?

Email us and see how we can serve your singers.