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Leading worship at AtlantaFest

Singing authentic worship is better than singing anything else to a crowd of 100,000.  I believe that because I’ve done both.      – Kim Snyder

As a personal worshiper as well as someone who has been privileged to lead large crowds in worship at festivals and in churches, I have a special passion for teaching singers in the church learn how to move beyond vocal obstacles to authentic worship.


Just another vocal scope (vocal cords in white) at one of my Laryngologist’s.

That passion was solidified after a 2 year struggle to recover from a near death experience after becoming severely septic.  After over a year of not being able, or allowed to speak and told I would never sing again I watched God heal my body and my voice.  And I realized that He had been preparing me years earlier by driving me to develop the training that would eventually help me regain my voice when specialists couldn’t.

Now, being able to worship out loud means more to me than ever before.  And having the tools to help other singers remove their vocal obstacles to do the same has been the most rewarding work of my life.

Rock the LIght-Kansas City Christian Music Festival

by Kim Snyder



Church Singing – NOT for wimps or divas

Open auditions for any choir or worship team and you’ll run into them; singers who just aren’t sure they’re good enough to sing from the stage and those who are convinced that they are God’s embodied gift to music in the church. The problem is that both of them think...

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4 Steps to Conquering Stage Fright

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Worship Vocal Master Class (Video)

In this live class we answered a bunch of questions from worship leaders and singers.  It turned out to be over 2 hours of high level vocal information, including: A walk through of what killed Phil Wickham's voice and how to avoid it Why your voice isn't consistently...

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How to Sing “Victors Crown” by Darlene Zschech

Darlene Zschech's (of Hillsongs Austrailia) songs are notoriously hard to sing.   So as my Easter gift for you I'm going to show you WHY that's true and WHAT you can do to sing this incredible anthem Easter worship song"better...FASTER"....The Voice Club way! Love to...

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How to Sing “Beautiful Things” by Gungor

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Are bad singers better worshippers?

I'm going to share a secret with you: I'm uncomfortable singing in the church. Don't get me wrong; I love singing in the church.  But between my inbred-midwestern-Nazarene-born fear of the fine line between 'swaying for God' and 'ungodly swaying' and that time when my...

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