Review: STAR on Fox ain’t no Glee but…

If you’ve been looking for a little vocal inspiration to fill the hole in your heart that opened after the last season of Glee, you won’t find it in Fox’s new show STAR.

That said, if you loved Empire, you’re probably going to love STAR.


The Story

TheVoiceClub-Foxs Star JanuaryDirected by Lee Daniels, the co-creator of Empire (see the connection there?), STAR pulls loosely from the rags to riches stories of girl groups like The Supremes and Destiny’s Child.

Just a side note for the very young aspiring singers in our readership: don’t expect to meet a rich co-writer online and stumble into a record deal the next week by running away from home and stabbing a guy on the way out. You know that’s not real, right?   Right?

Good. (professional obligation met)

There are no great career-starting role models here but the vast creative license taken for the sake of a good story line might just make this a great show.


Queen Latifah is the real star

TheVoiceClub-Foxs StarMy personal thanks goes to Lee Daniels for putting a ‘white girl(?)’ behind the mic.  It gives us all hope that we can somehow embody that level of soul.   I mean, what every soul-singing white girl secretly wishes (and don’t go all PC police on me here) is that she were black.


TheVoiceClub-Foxs Star ReviewJust keepin’ it real.

Every time I hear Queen Latifa sing I want to BE her.  But then I see me dancing in the mirror and hear that voice in my head that says, “Girrrrrrrlllll.  Just….. stop.  Seriously.”




TheVoiceClub-Foxs Star

The music of Star

Like Empire, I’m pretty sure the music will be a big draw for STAR.

Remember back when independant artists’ songs were on every major show so the network could save music licensing fees?

Ahhhhhh.  The good ‘ol days. Shame that the networks have figured out that they can make even more money from creating their own show music and sell it on iTunes.

So if you love the music in STAR but not the mature content of the show you can just buy the album!  Just be aware that lyrics aren’t PG either.


STAR premiers on Fox January 4th, but you can watch the complete first episode online here.

Did you see it?

Did you see the first episode?  What do you thinlk? Leave your opinion below.

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