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We serve singers and speakers by unlocking the voice they always hoped they had.

How do we do it?

With solid scientific based anatomical muscle training and proven professional level performance instruction.

This ain’t your mama’s singing lessons.


The Voice Club certifies and trains only hand selected instructors who undergo regular training and testing to maintain the highest level of instruction.

The Voice Club’s ‘Better…Faster” Method has been taught in conferences and workshops across the US, Canada and Europe; from professional gigging performers to independent recording artists, worship leaders, worship singers and singer/songwriters.

Singers of all ages, levels, backgrounds and styles have worked with our certified vocal coaches through private online Skype lessons in over 10 countries.

The Voice Club Academy, our Video Training Program has created a whole new level of performing singer; including Canada’s New Country Artist of the Year, The Command Sisters (The Academy plus live coaching).

We continue our mission to get high level vocal information out to every singer through The Voice Club Blog and the Help My Voice Podcast, conferences, workshops and Vocal Bootcamps for community theater groups and church worship teams.

The Story Behind The Voice Club

There’s always a story. For The Voice Club, the story began with a professional vocalist who had trained in every major technique and style and still found her voice inadequate and lacking. Yes, even singers who get paid can hate things about their voices.

This is the story of how, and why The Voice Club began.



lilkimKim Snyder began traveling and singing in a family group at age 4. By age 15 she was working as a session vocalist and radio personality and began fronting bands at 16. By her early 20’s she was signed to an independent label and was working full time as a singer and voice talent.

To match the demands on her voice she studied classical training, Broadway and rock belting techniques. But after years of study she was still frustrated with the lack of progress.


Kim became certified in a speech based training model purely as a means to study more deeply as a singer and began seeing immediate improvement in the areas that were lacking; improvement that was finally sticking.

The science was solid. Medical researchers from Yale, Harvard and other prestigious institutions had published studies on how the voice could be trained like any other part of the voice.

But what was lacking was a faster way to get the results needed to succeed at a high level in multiple genres as a working voice.

So she began to craft a method, just for her own voice, to boil down the time tested principles into a simple, easy to understand training system to get the best results, faster.

The result was a system that would build a stronger, healthy voice suited to singing any style for her work as a singer and improve the flexibility and endurance in her speaking voice for her work as a professional voice talent.

Almost by default, other singers began to hear the difference and asked to study with her. Reluctantly she began teaching her ‘better, faster’ approach.

One turned into two. The news spread. Two turned into ten. But in the middle of training singers, working for one of the countries largest broadcast networks, being a worship leader, voice talent and live gigging singer, it all abruptly came to an end.



Autographed Gold and Platinum records from thankful singers fill the walls of the exam rooms


A live scope of Kim’s damaged right vocal cord

After seven surgeries in less than five years, several specialists told Kim that she should expect to have a ‘stiffled’ voice; that she would would definitely not talk or sing at a normal or working level again.

It was the encouragement of Dr. Shawn Nassari in Beverly Hills (vocal surgeon to American Idol, X-Factor and many Grammy Award winning singers) that caused her to try one more thing.

He told her that she was the only one who was going to repair her voice and encouraged her to trust the technique she was using to help other singers to help her own voice. So she began testing and trying proven ways to repair the voice in new ways. And before she could even reliably speak, her singing voice began to return.

The bulk of the video above was recorded seated because of the lack of strength to stay standing and required several weeks to complete due to the tremendous physical weakness from fluid in the lungs and other physical issues from the illness.

It was also recorded after three months of exhaustive work to regain and sustain pitch in song while the speaking voice was still shaky and faint.


After an unexpected and very long absence Kim expected that all of her voice students would’ve moved on. But instead, they waited. And after they refused to study with anyone else, she reluctantly returned to training them.

The problem was that the extent of her physical damage and continuing surgeries left little ability to work and train many singers. But they were still coming.

So she made the decision to take her personal training notes and narrow them to the very best, most productive steps. She began to prepare them ‘better, faster’ so she could move them to another instructor and know they’d be ok.

The problem was that they still wouldn’t go.

They were seeing results even faster, getting empowered to control their own vocal potential and more excited than ever about where their voices could go.

The only choice to continue training the singers was to create an intensive instructor training program. Kim began hand selecting singers she had trained to undergo this program and train the increasing amount of singers who kept coming.

And The Voice Club Method was officially opened to all.


William Jessup #13

Today, The Voice Club trains singers all around the world online, using the medium of technology to train singers of all ages, from beginner to traveling, gigging pro’s.

Kim continues to undergo medical treatment. She has been diagnosed with LPR, a rare form of acid that deteriorates the esophagus over time. Her experience, along with many one on one discussions with vocal surgeons has driven her passion to help other damaged voices in The Voice Club’s online Vocal Repair Clinic.

The Voice Club continues to grow and provide private training, live and online workshops, webinars and training for churches, theater groups and singers and speakers everywhere.

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