Why do I have strain and pain (and can I make it go away?)

Why do I have strain and pain (and can I make it go away?)

Why do I have vocal strain and can it be fixed?

Vocal strain is the #1 complaint from singers, so it seemed fitting to kick off our podcast by addressing an all to common problem that prevents you from singing or speaking to your full potential.

There is a wealth of bad information about this issue, leading already frustrated singers to believe it might not even fixable. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I hope you find hope based on the science of vocal anatomy in the answer I give to Alyssa’s question.

Alyssa asked:

I’m an aspiring voice actress and singer. I can hit notes really good sometimes but other times I feel tension in my voice. Sometimes I get so scared about vocal damage that I get discouraged about doing voice acting and that makes me so sad. Is it too late for me?

I answered by sharing details about:

  • What actually causes strain, pain and tension in the voice for both singers, speakers and voice talent
  • What few people (that includes teachers, trainers and professors) know about vocal strain
  • How strain, pain, tension and even vocal damage can be reversed for good
  • What your voice will really be like once vocal strain is removed the right way

Why you have vocal strain & what to do about it

by Kim Snyder

Thank You For Listening to the Show!

– Kim Snyder,

host of the Help My Voice Podcast, certified vocal coach and vocal repair technician, and creator of The Voice Club Method & The Voice Club Academy

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