WHY you still don’t sing better (sorry)

WHY you still don’t sing better (sorry)

If you’re like me and you’ve sat through endless hours of singing lessons (and if you aren’t, be REALLY glad!), you know that these singing lessons are NOT for asking questions.

They’re for doing what you’re told.


If you’re one of the very bravest (or like me, completely clueless of impending scorn) and you have dared to timidly raise a hand in the presence of the almost-mythically-robed-wise-ones and ask the dirtiest three letter word to ever exist, you know the wrath of a teacher without a good answer.

Why you don’t ask why

I have always been a front-row, hand-always-raised kind of girl. So I’ve had the opportunity to experience the entire pool of possible reactions from a teacher who is…

a) caught of guard

b) doesn’t have any idea how to answer

or 3) has their identity way too tightly strung around their vocal degree


If you’ve had a teacher that can’t help you, everything that follows your question will boil down to this:

It’s YOUR fault!

  • You didn’t practice hard enough.
  • You didn’t listen to the directions clearly enough
  • You didn’t rub your tummy and pat your head in the right order while you sang and missed that note.
  • You’re just getting too big for your britches listening to all that ‘pop-singer-voodoo’ and what-not.

Blah blah BLAH.

GOOD LORD!  It’s no WONDER we all think we can’t sing!



“WHY?” is the single best question you can ever ask. And it is absolutely essential if you’re trying to sing better.

“Why does it hurt when I sing?”

…can be opening to a discussion that gives you the tools to avoid serious damage or an understanding of when you need to see a doctor and what to ask them.

“Why can’t I hit this note?”

…could lead to a the design of a simple to remember quick tip you can use so you never miss it again.

“Why is my voice strong here, but too soft here?”

…is a wonderful invitation to learn HOW your voice works and how you can learn to DECIDE how EVERY note comes out, EVERY time.

“Why isn’t the training I’m following giving me better results?”

Be prepared.  THIS is the question at the bottom of it all.  But this one isn’t for your voice teacher.  This one is for YOU.

If you have listened intently to your teacher and followed precisely what they’ve given you as the solution to your concerns, there should be a reasonable expectation that you will see. hear, and/or feel a difference very soon.  With The Voice Club Method, we expect it pretty immediately.

Because if nothing changes and you’re left not knowing what to do outside of blaming your own lack of ability, one of these things has happened:

  1. You weren’t honest about following what they gave you (you have to be responsible to do your part)
  2. Your instructor didn’t know how to effectively communicate to you, or
  3. What they gave you isn’t going to give you the results you wanted

(spoiler alert: it’s almost always #3)

How can I claim that spoiler alert?  Because the majority of singing lessons and vocal instruction out there does not take one major thing into consideration: your anatomical voice.

Sound like a no-brainer, but then I’m simple girl.


What Can I Do?

Start asking ‘why’ about everything when it comes to your voice.  If the answer makes sense to you, ask yourself ‘why’?  If it makes no sense at all, ask yourself ‘why’?  This is the start of taking control of your own voice and vocal education.

Now go through our Vocal Bootcamp training video.  It’s basically a roadmap through vocal myths and fluff with clear, concrete tools to see the truth of how your voice works.

We don’t train a single singer or group of people at a conference without starting with our Vocal Bootcamp training. It is literally everything you should’ve been told about your voice and what you need to be empowered to ask even better questions so you can know what to look for when you’re trying to sing better.


Start Now

Whether you’re working with a singing teacher or not, take this challenge:

Get a notebook and any time a question pops into your head, write it down.  No question is too stupid.  Actually the ‘stupidest’ questions are usually the ones with the most ‘ah-ha’ invoking answers!

Then go through Vocal Bootcamp When you’re done, go through your list and see how many questions you can answer.  The next time you’re around a singing teacher, ask them the same questions. 

Then write down the answers you got from them. 

THEN, ask yourself which one makes the most sense and ask yourself ‘why’.  You will be amazed at how much you know and clear things become!



The more you know about your voice, the better you’ll be at seeing what will really help  your voice get where you want to go.


Go forward…..and ask ‘WHY?’


Remember that dream you ‘got too old’ for?

Remember that dream you ‘got too old’ for?

We’ll dang it if it ain’t a new year again.  That dreaded time when you tuck away the real dreams that once nagged at you and replace them with something much easier, like a new workout or another trendy diet.

So im just gonna cut to the chase and admit I know what one of your longest held dreams is.

In fact, if you’re a singer, I could put money on the name of that dream you’ve shoved clear to the back corner of your mind where dreams go to die.

Do You Have the ‘Singing Dream’?

When you’re younger you might have called it a “dream to be a famous singer”.

For those who dare to rise to start working on it, it comes to you as a dream to “take it to the next level”.  Ironically, this is the stage where many singers give up on their singing dream.

Some of you have dismissed that nagging desire to be a singer so long that you hardly notice it anymore.  But it’s still there, more recognizable as a regret then a dream

“If only I had….”

Why Is It Still There?

Isn’t it interesting that no matter how many years have passed, the dream to sing is still there? Does it know something we don’t?  What is it waiting for us to do with it?

Having been there myself and having helped other singers navigate ‘the dream’, I offer you this:

Maybe the dream to be a singer is not unreachable for you. 

Perhaps you’ve just been led away from it by believing the misconceptions about what being a singer really is. 

Maybe it was possible all along.  And still is.


How Do You Make an Illusive Dream Come True?

Have you asked this question?  Most ‘singing dreamers’ never do.  And for those who do, there is rarely an answer that doesn’t seem


more far fetched than the dream itself.

I want you to know that if you have the dream to be a singer, it’s there for a reason. 

And this year, I’m going to show you why.

I’m going to focus on sharing stories of other singers who’ve managed to put the dream in action and what the result was.

I’m also going to give you some tactile actions that will start turning that badly neglected dream into an organized actionable plan.

It has nothing to do with how old you are or what your specific dream looks like.  If you follow along with me, you can resurrect that dream and achieve it!

Are you with me?

I’d like to share your dream too.  What is your singing dream?  How did you think you would make it come true? What happened to put it on the back burner?

Put it in the comments below or email them to me.  I’ll share mine too.

This year, we’re going dream hunting. And you’re going to be amazed at what you find out about your dream to sing.

Make sure you’re on the mailing list so you don’t miss a post.  You’ll also get some killer free singing tips too.

Get ready to reenvision, resurrect, and finally realize your singing dream!


Don’t forget to share your dream in the comments below!

Review: STAR on Fox ain’t no Glee but…

Review: STAR on Fox ain’t no Glee but…

If you’ve been looking for a little vocal inspiration to fill the hole in your heart that opened after the last season of Glee, you won’t find it in Fox’s new show STAR.

That said, if you loved Empire, you’re probably going to love STAR.


The Story

TheVoiceClub-Foxs Star JanuaryDirected by Lee Daniels, the co-creator of Empire (see the connection there?), STAR pulls loosely from the rags to riches stories of girl groups like The Supremes and Destiny’s Child.

Just a side note for the very young aspiring singers in our readership: don’t expect to meet a rich co-writer online and stumble into a record deal the next week by running away from home and stabbing a guy on the way out. You know that’s not real, right?   Right?

Good. (professional obligation met)

There are no great career-starting role models here but the vast creative license taken for the sake of a good story line might just make this a great show.


Queen Latifah is the real star

TheVoiceClub-Foxs StarMy personal thanks goes to Lee Daniels for putting a ‘white girl(?)’ behind the mic.  It gives us all hope that we can somehow embody that level of soul.   I mean, what every soul-singing white girl secretly wishes (and don’t go all PC police on me here) is that she were black.


TheVoiceClub-Foxs Star ReviewJust keepin’ it real.

Every time I hear Queen Latifa sing I want to BE her.  But then I see me dancing in the mirror and hear that voice in my head that says, “Girrrrrrrlllll.  Just….. stop.  Seriously.”




TheVoiceClub-Foxs Star

The music of Star

Like Empire, I’m pretty sure the music will be a big draw for STAR.

Remember back when independant artists’ songs were on every major show so the network could save music licensing fees?

Ahhhhhh.  The good ‘ol days. Shame that the networks have figured out that they can make even more money from creating their own show music and sell it on iTunes.

So if you love the music in STAR but not the mature content of the show you can just buy the album!  Just be aware that lyrics aren’t PG either.


STAR premiers on Fox January 4th, but you can watch the complete first episode online here.

Did you see it?

Did you see the first episode?  What do you thinlk? Leave your opinion below.





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