Why Every Singer MUST See “Baby Driver”

I've never told singers there was a movie they had to see. Maybe that’s because no other movie has ever done what Baby Driver did.


Baby Driver looks like the standard bank robber action flick. And if it were, I would've slept through it.  I have this weird medication-related thing where I literally fall asleep the more intense an action scene is. I've heard I've slept through many great movies.  But from the opening credits to the closing credits, the singer in me was switched to "yeah!"

It wasn’t a cool action scene.

There weren’t any actors I particularly liked.

It wasn’t some cinematic trick.

It was the unique, unnamed prime character that ties the entire movie together...yet you never see them.

I found myself evil-smiling like Simon Cowell trying not to give his approval away too fast. It was THE most brilliant use of this character I’ve ever experienced.

The characters name is MUSIC.

No, not that mix of background mush. Not actors breaking into song. In fact, probably not in anyway you've seen music used in a movie before.

Why is This for Singers

The red racecar had barely torn past it’s second turn in the opening by the time I decided EVERY (age appropriate) SINGER should see this movie.  Why?  Because I think most of us (myself included) easily lose touch with what music really is.

It's not a song to be sung.  It's not a melody to conquer or a road to run trills around. 

And for the first time, you can step outside of your 'singers brain' and actually SEE music for what it really IS: the very rhythm of LIFE.

Baby Driver manages to magically choke open your primal sense of rhythm and views the plot, the story…LIFE through the rhythm of music.

Does your music do that?


The brilliant director of Baby Driver managed to use something so ‘known’ in such a crazy new way that you literally have no choice but to be taken along for the ride.

You've probably experienced this at a concert. But when is the last time YOU, as a singer, let the FEEL, the rhythm, the driving nature of a tune drag you along for the ride?

If you think about it, that’s probably what led most of us to love singing: to be apart of that machine that moves with or without you.

Download The Baby Driver Singing Challenge!

It’s why I got sucked down the black hole of jazz and can’t come out.

It’s why tweeners will always try to start a band, regardless of the decade. To be a part of IT.

But it's so easy to lose that when you get bogged down into memorizing songs, melodies, trying to overcome nerves (and a million other things).

Well, what do you say that we make TODAY the day you get 'your groove' back?

Download "The Baby Driver Singers Challenge" right now and take it. Follow the simple steps and see how your music comes to life in a new way.


1.  In the opening scene, read EVERYTHING you see. I missed some cool stuff until I realized what they were doing.

2. In the final big chase scene, listen for the “yodeling song”.

THIS is one of the all time greatest vocal run solo’s you’ll ever hear.

It’s old and obscure and it’s my all time vocal run fav. I was SHOCKED that they found it for the movie. In this song, the male vocalist flips between chest and head voices (yodeling), then takes you on a full heavy mix run up into the female whistle range!

(Want a challenge? Try to copy THIS run!)

BTW: We actually have the video of this song LIVE & the coaches inside "how'd he DO that?!' commentary....it's in the Bonus Watch & Learn videos inside The Voice Club Academy.

Download your Baby Driver SINGERS CHALLENGE now and feel music in a fresh, exciting way!

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