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Unbelievably inspiring.  I've worked with a lot of other vocal coaches but I've never looked forward to it like I do at The Voice Club.  You make my goals so achievable.  Thank you.


Even though I’ve been singing in bands I never really considered myself a singer.  In just a short time with you I found myself going “huh – I might just be a singer!”  I can’t believe what I can do.

- Sara Kush

The Voice Club got me to the level to be accepted into the Los Angeles Music Academy. They set a foundation of good technique and style that have propelled me into a successful performance and recording career.

- Brianna Lee

The Voice Club is the best! Now I can identify my problems and at the same time make good qualities even better. It gives me the most suitable exercises and you can see the progress in your voice from the early stages!  And you're having so much fun during the lessons.

Fanos Koufteros

“Who knew I could sing this good?  I’ve studied a lot of different methods but this is the first time I’ve learned so much. What I love about The Voice Club Method is that I actually sing better AND faster!”

- Leslie Summey

“The Voice Club Method is amazing! I noticed significant improvement right away.  Not only that, I get the tools to fix it myself.  It’s awesome!”

- Jennifer Caldwell

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