Did you know that literally anyone can call themselves a voice teacher?

In fact, many singing teachers have little to no training, outside of taking some lessons from another singing teacher.

And of those singing teachers who have had structured training, less than 10% have studied the basics of vocal anatomy that are the foundation for everything you should, and shouldn’t be doing to your voice.

“Who knew I could sing this good?

I’ve studied a lot of different methods but this is the first time I’ve learned so much.

What I love about The Voice Club Method is that I actually sing better AND faster!”


We won’t take time to go into the story here, but The Voice Club Method was built by training in every major training style and having a professional and studio vocalist put them to the real life test.

Add in a medical tragedy permanently damaging the vocal muscles and lots of in-the-seat time with vocal surgeons.

Mix it all together with one very impatient, determined vocal coach and the result is the method that not only repaired her own voice but has repaired, strengthened and launched-over-the-plateau voices across the globe.


“The Voice Club Method is amazing! I noticed significant improvement right away.

Not only that, I get the tools to fix it myself.  It’s awesome!”


If you’re like most people, this isn’t the first singing website you’ve been to.

Everyone has an opinion, a trick, a special bejeweled jacket or something that makes them look like they know what they’re doing.

At The Voice Club, we let our students do the talking for us.

Every student, any age, any style, any talent level have seen amazingly quick results, removed strained, gotten rid of obstacles that made them feel and SOUND great.

So take a minute and hear it for yourself.

Ready to find out for yourself?